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We require a 3-month commitment on all our contracts. Social media is a slow burn and it does take 3-6 months to see results.

how long are the contracts?

Absolutely! If something performed well once, it most likely will again. We wait around the 3-month mark to repost but repurpose along the way! 

do you repurpose + repost content?

All of our content calendars/planning happens in the Airtable hub. We give complete instructions on how to use it, and results in less back + forth. 

how do we approve content?

This will naturally develop over time. We look at past posts to get a hold of your tone and go from there tweaking along the way. 

how will you know our brand voice / tone?

By the 5th of every month, we ask that you fill out the content intake form in our Airtable hub for the next month. 

how often do you need content?

About 2 weeks until the first post will go live. We like to make sure we are fully set up to execute and have all the info required back. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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