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 It’s time to create a content strategy specific to your goals and leverage social media. Oh and one more thing -> Having FUN along the way!

We’re not just posting on social, we’re creating conversation. and getting you visible.

We create content that gets your business noticed and in front of your ideal client or customer. 

Ready to take the guesswork out of your social media strategy?! With our VIP Day, you are provided with all the tools custom to your business to hit the ground running! Looking to hand it off? That’s where our management packages come in! Not quite ready to fully hand things over and looking to DIY? Our monthly content membership Social and Stuff Simplified was created just for you in mind! 

That’s why we created a choose your own adventure approach - VIP Content DAYS, Full Management or DIY with our monthly membership! 

We know you might be stressed with the social media landscape but that's where we come in -
Your new online bff's. 

We created this business out of a need. Not a need for us, but a need for small business owners. We believe in meeting you where you are at. Done for you or done with you. 
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WTF are content pillars?! It's time to take
the guesswork out of your content.

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It all started in 2014 with taking jewelry photos on my iPad, and now we are here. Okay, there was quite a bit in between, but I originally entered the online space by opening an e-commerce jewelry store, Earrings and Stuff. I thought, "if they can do it, why can't I?" And I haven't looked back! I moved into Social Media Management in 2018 and have now worked with over 50 businesses and helped over 200 students. 

I'm Sarah Huguet, Founder/CEO, and your Head Strategist

hey there, nice to meet ya!

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