To Batch or Not to Batch? A Quiz to Discover Your Content Creation Style


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When you hear the words “Content Creation” and “Content Batching,” what happens? 

Do you get an “excited, butterflies in your stomach and can’t wait to start” feeling?

Or are you filled with a deep existential dread at the thought because it’s another chore on your to-do list?

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been in both camps. When I first started my business, I was totally team pre-batch all of my content all of them. But then, I was just super NOT into it anymore and it felt like pulling teeth to sit down and force myself to create a bunch of content at once.

Are you thinking, “But, Sarah, all the experts tell me that batch creating my content is the only way I’ll be successful on social media…what do I believe?

I get it! There’s a lot of noise in the online space about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do if you want to achieve success on social media. Here’s the thing about that…what works for one business at a certain time and season may not work for you. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: their business is not your business!

So how do you know what will work for you now for the season you’re in?

How about a little quiz to help you figure it out? 

Take the 10-question quiz below (it takes 2 mins), and then see how you scored at the end so you can see where a good starting place is for you.

QUIZ: Are You a Content Batching Queen or Go With the Flow Creative?

Question 1: What does your current workload look like in your business?

a ) I’m always swamped and never have enough time

b ) I’ve got my tasks covered and have regular downtime

Question 2: How much time can you dedicate to social media tasks each week?

a ) Minimal at best

b ) I’ve time-blocked my calendar for this task

Question 3: How often do you experience bursts of creativity and energy?

a ) They happen randomly at any moment

b ) I’m consistently energetic and creative

Question 4: Do you find it easy to stay consistent on social media with little prep?

a ) Totally! I’m rockin’ it

b ) I’d rather have a plan in place so I know what’s coming next

Question 5: How do you feel about detailed content calendars and schedules?

a ) They’re restrictive to my creativity. I prefer a more spontaneous approach

b ) I LOVE having a clear plan and schedule to follow

Question 6: How do you handle tweaking and revising your content?

a ) I almost never change it and just post as-is, it’s more authentic

b ) I like to review and make edits before posting, I don’t like surprises

Question 7: What best describes your approach to finding inspiration and ideas for your content?

a ) I’m all for any moment sparking inspiration from watching my favourite show on Netflix to chatting with the local barista

b ) I prefer to actively seek out inspiration through tried and tested means

Question 8: Do you prefer to work under pressure (cue Queen) or with plenty of time?

a ) I thrive under pressure (great song btw!)

b ) I’d rather have a schedule planned out so I’m not rushed

Question 9: How tech-savvy are you when it comes to scheduling tools and software?

a ) The tech stuff just isn’t my thing

b ) I find scheduling software easy and straightforward to use

Question 10: How well do you respond to experimenting with content formats, new strategies, and constant platform updates?

a ) I love trying new content formats, adjusting my strategy, and learning all about the new updates

b ) I’d prefer to stick with what I know works for my biz and my audience and making changing strategies takes me a long time to try

Great! You’ve finished. Now it’s on to the scoring part and finding out if you’re a natural planner or an intuitive creative so you can craft the BEST content planning system for your unique biz!


Mostly A’s – You, my friend, are an on-the-go, inspiration may strike at any moment, intuitive, creative content creator. You have a rare gift that when used well can result in powerful content that forms deep connections with your ideal audience. Beware of resisting any planning though! You may benefit by choosing evergreen content ideas in advance and then filling in the gaps with on-the-fly posting. Don’t diss all content prep because you can save a ton of time, keep your social media strategy on track, and continue rocking this social thing like a boss!

Mostly B’s – You, Queen, are a natural-born planner at heart and the world needs people like you! You are gifted in looking to the future, knowing where you want to be, and thoughtfully designing a plan to get there. Be careful in trying to follow your plan too rigidly and miss out on potential opportunities to boost your connections with your ideal audience. Leave room in your plan to share fun behind-the-scenes or relaxed lifestyle content that shows the less serious side of your biz. Maybe you’ll spark a connection over your favourite cocktail or hobby!

Whether you’re a natural planner or prefer less restriction to your spontaneous creativity, there are pros and cons to both approaches to social media content creation. Check them out…

Pre-Planned Content Batching:


  • Easily maintains a consistent posting schedule
  • Allows for strategic planning of content themes and formats
  • Time-efficient in the long run
  • Less stress with last-minute posting


  • Less flexibility for real-life events or to try a trend that would work for your biz
  • Bigger initial time investment
  • Content can become too predictable and boring
  • Can feel overwhelming

On-the-Go Intuitive Content Creator:


  • Flexibility to create when inspiration strikes or real-time events happen
  • Easier to manage with limited time
  • Reflects your authentic creative self
  • Can adapt well to trends and platform changes


  • At risk for content creation burnout
  • More challenging to review analytics and create more detailed campaigns
  • Can be inconsistent or lack quality
  • May miss opportunities for launches due to lack of planning

You may also find that different seasons of your business (and life in general) require you to adapt and change your content creation approach. Try and keep an open mind even if you naturally gravitate towards one style of creator. You’re allowed to change your mind and try new things to see what works for you. This is YOUR business! Not Sally’s, or Susie’s, or Sam’s…just yours.

Your key takeaways from this (I hope) are:

✨Really understand your ideal client or customer and create for them

✨Have at least a loose structure to follow even if you are naturally a spontaneous entrepreneur

✨Always have your content pillars and topics clearly defined

✨Be consistent for you

You’re a smart entrepreneur and you have what it takes to be a content rockstar!? If you want a headstart, then CLICK HERE to snag some easy, relatable, and connection-building content ideas your business can use right now!

Happy creating!

Your Social BFF,


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