7 ideas TO SHOW UP ON INSTAGRAM STORIES For Your Small Business

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Staying consistent on Instagram stories is easy for some, but it can be a struggle for some too. I know it can be discouraging when the views are low, but Instagram stories are where it goes down!

We have to remember people buy from people, so sharing little snippets throughout your Day will build that relationship and create those organic conversations in the DM’s.

It’s a bit of a dance on Instagram stories, too, because we don’t want to share like a million a day or our audience will open them up, see so many dashes and not even want to dive in.

My goal is about 4-6 throughout the Day! Spreading them out is also key because if you share them all in the morning for someone who pops on in the evenings, your am stories will be long gone!

Here are a few ways you can stay consistent, provide value and share little snippets of your Day which connect you further with your audience?

1 | Days Agenda

This is the perfect way to give your audience a little peek behind the curtain. Whether you are opening new arrivals, onboarding a new client, or working on a new project, it’s a great way to share and build excitement.

New arrivals -> They will be curious to watch your stories later to see
Onboarding a new client -> shows that you are doing the dam thing and your business is growing
A new project -> a great way to build momentum for when you actually launch

2 | Share a previous post, Reel, Live or Instagram guide

Leaning into sharing previous content that you’ve created is the perfect way to repurpose and reshare the goodness you have already created! You can also add in a few reasons why you are resharing it. Did you get a few DM’s about the topic? Is it part of a new sale or promo you have happening?

3 | Mid-day check-in

What does the middle of your workday look like? Do you go for a walk to get fresh air and let your mind wander? Meet a friend? Go pick your little one up and go to the park (that’s my midday routine, lol). Go out to your garden to pick veggies for dinner? You might be thinking, do people really care about this? I see it as all these little things along the way are building connection points between you and your audience.

4 | Mini-Training or Answering a FAQ

Since Reels came on the scene, mini-trainings went out the window on stories, but I think they are still a great share every once in a while. Not everyone wants to consume training in a 15 second Reel. Answering FAQs is one of my favourites to do when they come into my DM’s. If one person is asking, it guarantees another person has a similar question!

5 | Question box

Using the question box sticker is a great way to run a Q and A throughout the Day. The nice thing about these is A you put in your questions yourself if no one asks, and B is a great way to flex your expertise. Not to mention a perfect way to share your services or products if you’ve already created a solution via one of your services or products!

6 | Timelapse

Why are time lapses good? Because it’s another great way to share a peep behind the curtain. Showing you working, you can either add text or do a voice-over! It is another excellent piece of content that isn’t a talking head.

7 | Day wrap up

I always love to do an end-of-day goodbye. Nothing too long, more like I’m signing off for the Day; here’s what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish, lol. Or even filming outwards whether you go for a walk after work or for I like to film the view because I live in the city.

Like anything on Social Media, have FUN along the way! The more you get used to sharing snippets throughout the day, the easier it becomes, but I know when you’re first starting, it can feel awkward as heck!

 Always cheering you on!

Sarah Huguet | Social and Stuff

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