Social Media Content in 2024 Isn’t About Trends; It’s About Focus

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So, what should your social media content focus for 2024 be?

Let’s break down the general focus and then tackle what you can zone in on for each platform.


People are so over the fake stuff they see online, so the reason being authentic keeps showing up as a focus for content is that we want to see it! Creating this style of content to market your business will do exactly that: market your business and make more sales without feeling salesy 24/ 7.


Leverage your direct-to-camera video content by speaking in a more conversational way. Think less”3 ways to x, y. and z” and more “I have to tell you about how our client is ______.” Tell the story behind the hook. Storytelling will be what connects with your audience this year!


Paying attention to your branding, using it consistently, and focusing on higher-quality images and videos will help you stand out even though many say it doesn’t matter anymore. People are very visual by nature, so using that to your advantage can help your social media content perform.

Your Voice

With the rise of AI-powered content creation tools, many creators and business owners are jumping on board. I suggest using AI to help formulate ideas for your content, but you can spot AI content a mile away when it comes to copy and video scripts. Instead, use your voice to get your message across.

Now that we’ve broken down the main focus for your 2024 social media content trends, let’s chat about what to focus on for each platform.


According to the platform itself, it’s pushing users to create longer videos, lean into storytelling, and bridge the trust gap. Using trending audio can still be a good tactic for boosting visibility, but more like only 20% of the time. TikTok is the platform for your voice to be heard, whether it’s directly from you or from userLean into your content that uses a voice whether it is you or UGC content-generated content (UGC).


It seems everyone is communally over those 2-second reels with bait hooks. Yes, these hooks can and do work, but they lean toward creating content for the algorithm rather than content for your ideal clients and building your community. I know it’s super tempting to keep using them, but you’re better than that 😉 Carousel posts and other content formats are performing well for many now vs. the “Reels Only” strategy. There are always exceptions to the rule, but a healthy content strategy must have various formats.


Personally been LOVING it over there because it is what I like to call “low lift” content! You think about what you want to write, post it, and chat with your community. You don’t have to expend a bunch of energy to show up on Threads. 

There is a lot of content fatigue right now, so popping on Threads where it is a text-and-read situation is super chill and enjoyable. A fab bonus to using Threads is that it also shows up on both the Instagram and Facebook feeds.


Is anybody still using Facebook?! I know many of you forgot about it and are probably over this platform, but there is a huge LACK of video content on there. So you can see great visibility from Reels if you’re sharing them here.


A lot of the Social and Stuff clients are creating content for LinkedIn first in 2024. What’s the benefit of using LinkedIn for your social media strategy? The people using this platform are in a business/transaction mood when they are on there, and there’s a lot of business to be had.

What’s been working for our clients the best on LinkedIn? A single photo and a caption about your lessons learned, your journey, and recent wins for your business with mistakes worked in to keep it relatable. Those sharing more personal content stand out because it’s usually business only. 

I hope this helps you gain a clearer plan for your social media content strategy in 2024! If you’re still feeling a bit stuck or uninspired, check out my free 31 Content Prompts for Service Providers to get those creative wheels turning.

Your Social BFF,


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