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Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Social Media Content Strategy

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Cherry blossoms are blossoming, leaves are popping out, and springtime is in the air. What does that mean for your social media content strategy?

It’s time for a “spring clean” to your content plan!

If you’re thinking, “Ok, Sarah, that sounds great, but I’m super overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do in my business, where the actual heck do I start with this content spring clean?” I’ve got you. 

You’ll start here…

How to Audit Your Social Media Content and Social Media Profiles

Start with an audit of your current social media content and each social media profile.

Here’s how you do that:

Social Media Bio: Read through and update your bio or “about” information in each social media profile. Does it contain keywords (if that’s relevant to the platform)? Will people understand what you do, who you serve, and what steps to take from the information you’ve provided?

Links and CTAs: Make sure your link(s) work and support the call-to-action (CTA) that you’ve shared in your bio or what you’re speaking about in your recent content.

Highlights: Next, you’ll check your Instagram highlights. Is the information in them still relevant? Do you need to change covers or titles or add/delete slides for each one?

Pinned Posts: Also, for Instagram, review your pinned posts. Do they still make sense? Were they to support an event that has already passed? Are they evergreen information that is always relevant to someone landing on your account profile?

Cohesive Branding and Vibes: Look at your content across all of your social media profiles and see if the accounts are cohesive and give off the vibe of your brand. Remember, not everything needs to be exactly the same, but someone should be able to recognize your brand no matter where they end up connecting with you.

Cohesive Profiles and Website Content: Next, check out whether your social media content and your website flow together. Are they complementing each other with the content you’re sharing, and is your branding consistent between them?

Where to Show Up: Finally, do a check-in and see if you still want to show up and post where you have been. Where are you seeing the most traffic from? Do you want (and, more importantly, have the energy) to show up on another platform?

Great! You did the first part of your social media content spring clean. 

What’s next?

Time for a content strategy check-in!

Spring Clean Your Social Media Strategy

Don’t worry, this part isn’t too difficult. You only need to be honest with yourself as you walk through these questions and steps to audit your content strategy:

  1. Are your goals with your content still the same as they were 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago?
  2. Has your content been supporting those goals, or did you fall off course because of life, overwhelm, or lack of inspiration (literally insert your road block here!)?
  3. Do you want to add in a new content format to your strategy?
  4. Can you and do you want to increase your posting frequency?
  5. Do you need to hire social media content strategy support because, as much as you try to, you haven’t been executing your plan?
  6. Do you need help with the actual strategy because you’ve been winging it? (P.S. I offer this service because it’s so often needed for small business owners, click here for all the details.)
  7. Have you lost a bit of what makes you unique because you’ve been following a rigid plan (or other online biz owner) and now your content lacks any fun or personality?

As you work through each step of your social media content spring clean, be really honest about your answers to the questions. 

Change can be uncomfortable, but it’s where you’ll have the most amazing results!

Social Media Content Should Be Fun

Social media for your business can and should be enjoyable. If it’s not, your audience will be able to tell. So, if you’ve completed this audit of your social media content and you’re just not feeling the direction you’re currently headed, let’s chat! You don’t have to commit to ongoing support. Help for you can be a one-off strategy intensive or coaching call with yours truly to get back on track for the rest of the year or becoming a member of Social and Stuff Simplified, a community of rockstar business owners who want to bring back the fun to their social media content creation.

Let’s get you back into your epic CONTENT ERA!

Your Social BFF,


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